Founded on the early days of programmatic advertising, in 2006, HIRO ongoing mission is to protect publishers’ advertising user experience.
Our safe SSP that protects publishers gives advertisers access to quality & safe inventory created especially for quality and safe advertisers.
This is what we have been doing for over a decade.
HIRO is an online video SSP that uses the safest technology for supply side protection. By using HIRO, publishers are presented only video ads that comply with their guidelines and do not have adware. Advertisers using HIRO receive brand safe quality traffic.




Ariel is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience managing media, communications, and technology ventures. He’s led two successful M&As, and he possesses a wide range of expertise: general management, sales, marketing, product development, business development, and more.


Mr. Nils E. Larsen served as Chairman and President of Tribune Broadcasting Division at Tribune Company since October 2010. Mr. Larsen served as Chief Executive Officer of Broadcasting Division at Tribune Broadcasting Company, Inc. since June 2011 and Chief Investment Officer since December 2009. He served as a Member of Executive Council of Tribune Company […]

Nils Larsen


Alan is a South African-trained, chartered accountant. He’s been both a founder and an investor in a number of successful start-ups and other businesses over the past 30 years, including Backlife Limited, NetCustomized,, Valis, and Get Price Limited.



Oded’s extensive TV experience has been instrumental in guiding HIRO’s current product offerings and market strategy. Prior to HIRO, Oded co-founded Valis, where he spearheaded the company’s product and social development. Throughout his career, Oded has held a number of highly-influential roles in TV and radio.



Shahar oversees the entire technology operation of HIRO’s products and infrastructure, including product development, production management, quality assurance, and support. Shahar has over 10 years of experience in the R&D arena, including several years at NICE in its Enterprise group.



Efrat adds to the HIRO force her vast experience in the competitive worlds of accounting and finance. Prior to HIRO, she served as director of finance at Carmel Ventures. She’s also held numerous executive finance roles at Amdocs and TTI Telecom, both globally-traded Nasdaq companies.



Roy’s keen business instincts add depth to team HIRO. Banking on over 15 years of experience from top global tech companies, Roy brings valuable skill sets necessary to optimize the short, medium, and long-term business objectives of the company.



Joni joined the company in its nascent days, bringing over a decade of diverse experience with leading tech companies to HIRO. Overseeing all of our major accounts, Joni is the go-to pro who utilizes a holistic approach to ensure the best customer relationships and long-term client satisfaction.





HIRO’s media packages were developed to answer the advertiser’s needs. We recommend employing more than one media package in your campaign mix.

Reach strategy

HIRO Reach offers the widest reach and the most positive perception at the lowest cost. HIRO Reach units are 100% instream in brand safe content and brand safe sites. The Reach ad unit encapsulates the video ad with targeted content to ensure the most optimal performance. According to a survey by Nielsen, the targeted content in HIRO can increase intention to buy by more than 30%. Special offers: • comScore's top 1000 package: Run the reach unit only in comScore 1000 sites. • 100% viewability package: All views are 100% viewable. Nielsen found that the HIRO syndication unit to drive intention to buy as a premium pre-roll costs less than a third of the industry average. HIRO Reach is the most effective method for running top of mind and recent campaigns Platforms: desktop, mobile, audio

Premiere strategy

HIRO Premier offers the highest engagement units in Tier A sites. The standard Premier offering guarantees 100% transparency and 100% brand safety. All units are user initiated and with player bigger than 300 x 400 Special offers: • comScore's top 50 package. Run the reach unit only in comScore top 50 sites • comScore's top 500 package. Run the reach unit only in comScore top 500 sites • Native package. Combination of video ad and relevant survey unit • Content package. Choose the content in which the ad will be presented. • 100% viewability package: all views are 100% viewable. HIRO Premier offers the best media for launching new products or increasing brand awareness Platforms: desktop, mobile, OTT

HIRO Social

HIRO offers a unique opportunity for advertising and native advertising in the most compelling platforms – messaging. HIRO is the official monetization partner for numerous messaging channels in multiple platforms. HIRO can help brands in creating unique creatives for the media including influencers and playable ads. Special offers: • Influencers – use influencer to deliver your message. HIRO can attach a leading local influencer to your brand • Playable ads- unique creative that gives a game like experience HIRO messaging is the best for brands looking for the 18 – 30 age group


Safe SSP

Safe SSP is the ultimate protection suite for the video publisher and publishing platforms. HIRO is proud to be the first platform to offer real time filtering of suspected creatives and control over amount of ad calls. The main challenge of publishers is the user experience. Programmatic video ads often create a bad user experience, the page crushes, the sound is too high, the creative goes out of screen and this is just the beginning of the list. According to a survey by Accustream for Verizon and Ford, the majority of ads create a bad user experience. The Safe SSP includes multiple user experience optimization and filtering tools – from analyzing threat of malware to limiting the number of ad calls to controlling sound and size. The Safe SSP also present intelligence tools allowing each publisher to decipher the adverting path HIRO’s SSP is a must for any programmatic video publisher.

Messaging channels

Messaging is considered as the central app in mobile yielding highest usage of users. Video is still nascent in the messaging apps HIRO offers messaging apps scalable creation of local video channels. HIRO creates local video channels for the users bringing summary of activities and interests of your local town. Using the HIRO framework, messaging apps can open local channels fast and at low costs. The first channel was launched by Rakuten in London.

Quality video distribution

HIRO’s self-service video CMS enables every publisher to present video content from leading production houses. FOX, Bloomberg, Discovery are just some of the content providers licensing their content to HIRO ecosystem. HIRO technological platform deal with all aspects of presenting video in the site, from player and CDN to monetization. The nice part – you do not need to pay for the content but get paid for presenting the content.

HIRO services

HIRO offers wide range of advertising services for publishers: ad operation, ad optimization and business development with demand partners. HIRO’s ad optimization is fully automated and built upon HIRO’s propriety machine learning algorithm. HIRO services are available only to Safe SSP custoemrs.


HIRO issued multiple patents while also securing one thing – the safety of our ecosystem and the experience of our users.






A DRM for ad supported media enables users to distribute content but also ensures that the ads cannot be ripped out of the content. The positive DRM protects the revenue generating part of the video, the ads, and ensures that they are always personalized to the viewer, up-to-date and cannot be stripped from the video. HIRO's Positive DRM™ ensures that hackers cannot build a hack or a player that automatically strips the ads out of the video.


The first real-time creative auditing and monitoring. The ad filtering analyzes:Creative behavior, ensuring the creative with site guidelines (as sound, expend etc.)Path intelligence – analyzes the entire path of the creative, highlights the suspected stake holder Suspected behavior – blocks suspected adware and limits the amount of ad calls.


Content environment is the single most important factor in advertising. According to Nielsen, relevant content can increase intention to buy by more than 30%. HIRO’s content matching algorithm can analyze online content environment and match your ad to the relevant content. The content matching is also another tool HIRO uses to ensure your ad will not appear in non-brand safe content.


In the world of online advertising, every second counts. HIRO's patented technology makes it easy and effective to serve up the right ad, at the right moment, to the right viewer, for rich results. Our programmatic distribution and monetization facilitates one of the fastest prediction-based real-time bidding (RTB) processes in the market, and this translates into practically unlimited scale. Combined with latency-based optimization, quick loading-time for video-players, a unique cloud-based architecture, and our real-time big data optimization, HIRO's technology is maximizing ad opportunities unlike anything else.


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