HIRO’s media packages were developed to answer the advertiser’s needs. We recommend employing more than one media package in your campaign mix.

Reach strategy

HIRO Reach offers the widest reach and the most positive perception at the lowest cost.
HIRO Reach units are 100% instream in brand safe content and brand safe sites.
The Reach ad unit encapsulates the video ad with targeted content to ensure the most optimal performance.
According to a survey by Nielsen, the targeted content in HIRO can increase intention to buy by more than 30%.
Special offers:
• comScore's top 1000 package: Run the reach unit only in comScore 1000 sites.
• 100% viewability package: All views are 100% viewable.

Nielsen found that the HIRO syndication unit to drive intention to buy as a premium pre-roll costs less than a third of the industry average.
HIRO Reach is the most effective method for running top of mind and recent campaigns
Platforms: desktop, mobile, audio

Premiere strategy

HIRO Premier offers the highest engagement units in Tier A sites.
The standard Premier offering guarantees 100% transparency and 100% brand safety.
All units are user initiated and with player bigger than 300 x 400
Special offers:
• comScore's top 50 package. Run the reach unit only in comScore top 50 sites
• comScore's top 500 package. Run the reach unit only in comScore top 500 sites
• Native package. Combination of video ad and relevant survey unit
• Content package. Choose the content in which the ad will be presented.
• 100% viewability package: all views are 100% viewable.

HIRO Premier offers the best media for launching new products or increasing brand awareness
Platforms: desktop, mobile, OTT

HIRO Social

HIRO offers a unique opportunity for advertising and native advertising in the most compelling platforms – messaging.
HIRO is the official monetization partner for numerous messaging channels in multiple platforms.
HIRO can help brands in creating unique creatives for the media including influencers and playable ads.
Special offers:
• Influencers – use influencer to deliver your message. HIRO can attach a leading local influencer to your brand
• Playable ads- unique creative that gives a game like experience

HIRO messaging is the best for brands looking for the 18 – 30 age group