HIRO Media - the leading online video ecosystem - is committed to provide all industry players with the best revenue oriented products. Our Syndication product, the unique Programmatic Video Content Marketing and Programmatic Video Mobile product, are all based on HIRO's proprietary syndication technology and prediction method.


HIRO is a leading online video ecosystem that helps advertisers, publishers and content owners to optimize their profits and performance.

For advertisers and brands - we create new media opportunities.
HIRO creates new quality video inventory by programmatically converting site's inventory to video unit and capsulate the video ad with targeted content to ensure better performance.
We run Programmatic Video campaigns on any prime inventory in ComScore's top 1000 destination sites.

HIRO's Technology main USP is based on a combination of our Syndication Technology and our Triangle Prediction method:
- We can predict Supply Side inventory quality.
- We can predict Demand Side needs.
- We can predict what consumers/viewers may match advertiser's expectations.

We start with our Syndication Sessions and collect data for the prediction.
Then we run our Rules based Triangle Prediction.
That enables us to run the most effective Ad & Content Syndication campaigns.

Our Units


As the market shifts to content marketing, HIRO is proud to present a unique Programmatic Video Content marketing engine that enables brands and content owners to distribute their content by using HIRO's proprietary Content Syndication Technologies.

HIRO's Programmatic Content Marketing Engine delivers branded content to the most relevant audiences by programmatically distributing it among comScore's top 1000 online properties reaching more than 100 million unique viewers.

With HIRO's Programmatic Content Marketing Engine, brands become detachable publishers by using HIRO's Syndication capabilities for extracting relevant branded content pieces and exposing it to the right audiences while also using the most efficient delivery methods.

This capability validates HIRO's platform as the best Off-YouTube distribution channel for any video content, guaranteeing great viewability and other mission critical KPIs.


HIRO's Programmatic Mobile Video Platform consists on company's unique syndication technology. HIRO's mobile player enables brands and advertisers to get the best exposure in the right targeted mobile assets with an excellent Cost-Value ratio.
Any mobile marketer can reach huge audiences, choose its content environment and site and gain guaranteed KPIs.
On the other hand - Mobile publishers can get the best Return of Inventory by placing Segmented Video Content and/or Play Video Ads on any relevant space.

HIRO's Programmatic Mobile Video Platform delivers any content and/or video ad to the right audience in the most cost-effective way.


HIRO’s innovative new filtering product provides unprecedented clarity and control with regard to the behaviour of websites programmatic tags, by being a gate keeper of unwanted and destructive behaviours.

This unique product controls and cleans publisher’s programmatic ad channels in real time, using state-of-the-art technology solutions.
HIRO's pre-emptive approach monitors vendors through all the programmatic call chain and verifies that only white listed vendors are allowed in the publisher's site thus providing the publisher with a full control and transparency on the actors that are allowed to run on its properties and their behaviour.
HIRO's strict preconditions ensure malvertising detection & prevention, advanced ad behaviour control tools and footprint measurements & alerts in production environment – all designed to enhance the best user experience possible.
HIRO's filtering product is a prerequisite for making the most out programmatic advertising on your website without compromising your users' safety or experience.