Safe SSP

Safe SSP is the ultimate protection suite for the video publisher and publishing platforms.
HIRO is proud to be the first platform to offer real time filtering of suspected creatives and control over amount of ad calls.
The main challenge of publishers is the user experience.
Programmatic video ads often create a bad user experience, the page crushes, the sound is too high, the creative goes out of screen and this is just the beginning of the list.
According to a survey by Accustream for Verizon and Ford, the majority of ads create a bad user experience.
The Safe SSP includes multiple user experience optimization and filtering tools – from analyzing threat of malware to limiting the number of ad calls to controlling sound and size.
The Safe SSP also present intelligence tools allowing each publisher to decipher the adverting path
HIRO’s SSP is a must for any programmatic video publisher.

Messaging channels

Messaging is considered as the central app in mobile yielding highest usage of users.
Video is still nascent in the messaging apps
HIRO offers messaging apps scalable creation of local video channels. HIRO creates local video channels for the users bringing summary of activities and interests of your local town.
Using the HIRO framework, messaging apps can open local channels fast and at low costs.
The first channel was launched by Rakuten in London.

Quality video distribution

HIRO’s self-service video CMS enables every publisher to present video content from leading production houses. FOX, Bloomberg, Discovery are just some of the content providers licensing their content to HIRO ecosystem.
HIRO technological platform deal with all aspects of presenting video in the site, from player and CDN to monetization.
The nice part – you do not need to pay for the content but get paid for presenting the content.

HIRO services

HIRO offers wide range of advertising services for publishers: ad operation, ad optimization and business development with demand partners.
HIRO’s ad optimization is fully automated and built upon HIRO’s propriety machine learning algorithm.
HIRO services are available only to Safe SSP custoemrs.