Founded in 2006, HIRO has grown to become one of the largest and most experienced programmatic video advertising technology service providers - and a true industry powerhouse. Our mission is to protect the publisher’s advertising user experience and provide advertisers with safe, premium media through the shortest supply path. We use our proprietary technology to improve the performance of all of video advertising ecosystem players – advertisers, publishers and content owners.

At HIRO, we view the role of the SSP as resolving all advertising-related challenges. Our Safe SSP is the only publisher-centric solution on the market. By using the safest technology for supply-side protection, we enable publishers to block malicious advertisements in real-time and only view adware-free videos that comply with their set guidelines. Advertisers using HIRO are given unprecedented access to brand-safe, transparent and quality traffic - and full control of their campaigns.

With HIRO, you can put an end to suspicious ads, increase reach and monetization and improve the video advertisement user experience.




Ariel is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience managing media, communications, and technology ventures. He’s led two successful M&As, and he possesses a wide range of expertise: general management, sales, marketing, product development, business development, and more.


Alan is a South African-trained, chartered accountant. He’s been both a founder and an investor in a number of successful start-ups and other businesses over the past 30 years, including Backlife Limited, NetCustomized,, Valis, and Get Price Limited.



Oded’s extensive TV experience has been instrumental in guiding HIRO’s current product offerings and market strategy. Prior to HIRO, Oded co-founded Valis, where he spearheaded the company’s product and social development. Throughout his career, Oded has held a number of highly-influential roles in TV and radio.



Ofer’s extensive background in digital media, marketing and advertising makes him an esteemed asset with respect to the development of HIRO’s new products. Before joining HIRO, Ofer held C-Level positions at AOL and Noga Communications. He also served as CEO at McCann Erickson Digital, where he was instrumental in the agency’s transformation into a full […]



Shahar oversees the entire technology operation of HIRO’s products and infrastructure, including product development, production management, quality assurance, and support. Shahar has over 10 years of experience in the R&D arena, including several years at NICE in its Enterprise group.



Efrat adds to the HIRO force her vast experience in the competitive worlds of accounting and finance. Prior to HIRO, she served as director of finance at Carmel Ventures. She’s also held numerous executive finance roles at Amdocs and TTI Telecom, both globally-traded Nasdaq companies.



Roy’s keen business instincts add depth to team HIRO. Banking on over 15 years of experience from top global tech companies, Roy brings valuable skill sets necessary to optimize the short, medium, and long-term business objectives of the company.



Joni joined the company in its nascent days, bringing over a decade of diverse experience with leading tech companies to HIRO. Overseeing all of our major accounts, Joni is the go-to pro who utilizes a holistic approach to ensure the best customer relationships and long-term client satisfaction.





HIRO provides advertisers with a suite of services that optimize video ad performance, viewability and profitability.

  • HIRO BCC -
    Brand Campaign Control

  • ACE
    Accurate Campaign Engine

  • Video Ad Distribution

Brand Campaign Control

With HIRO BCC – brands are granted unique, exclusive and unprecedented access to their programmatic video advertising activity, enabling better monitoring, transparency and control. HIRO’s unique solution for brands includes a full suite of brand campaign control tools and capabilities:
  • Advertising path – BCC provides an updated map of the brand’s ads chain, enabling optimized tracking of successful and less successful campaign results.
  • Comparison tool – Brands can compare the activities, successes and failures of DSPs and other players on the chain.
  • Advanced analytics – BCC enables brands to identify the metrics that most accurately correlation with ad performance, including CTR, clicks, CPM, viewability and more.
  • A friendly, customized dashboard – Brands and agencies are privy to a full and real-time updated database of any ongoing campaign’s activities.
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Accurate Campaign Engine

  • A single activation gate for all advertising channels
  • Automatic optimization for all creative types
  • Automatic budget allocation based on each channel’s performance
  • Performance & Branding campaigns Display & Video

Video Ad Distribution

HIRO’s leading online video ecosystem helps advertisers, publishers and content owners create new media opportunities and high-quality video inventory. We programmatically convert the video distribution site's inventory into video units. The video ad is then embedded within targeted content and run on any prime inventory within ComScore's top 1000 destination sites. HIRO harnesses the power of our syndication technology and triangular prediction method to anticipate supply side inventory quality, demand side needs and viewer-ad compatibility. This enables us to run the most effective ad & content syndication campaigns.


At HIRO, we deliver a wide range of advertising solutions for publishers. The crown jewel of our publisher services, ad optimization, is fully automated and highly intelligent, backed by HIRO’s proprietary machine learning algorithm. Other services include ad operation and business development with demand partners. Our services cater to Safe SSP customers.

  • Safe SSP

  • Floating players

  • Publisher Protection &
    Intelligence Platform

Safe SSP

HIRO’s flagship product, Safe SSP is the ultimate publisher protection and monetization platform for video publishers. Based on a unique technology designed to meet publishers’ safety and user-experience needs, the Safe SSP answers one of the biggest concerns publishers have – how to balance monetization and a positive user experience. The platform enables predictable real-time bidding capabilities which increase monetization from your ad units. Other features include the ability to implement a secured VPAID-based collaboration, real-time ad filtering of potentially malicious ads and demand-side optimization & intelligence services.   For more information, please visit:

Floating players

HIRO Media for publishers has launched a unique set of flexible revenue-oriented video players for any site. No matter what kind of site you have, or whether or not you have a video player, let us generate new revenues for you. We provide you with the player while also taking care of the demand side.

Now you can implement a new revenue source within days:
    • The player appears with advertisements only.
    • If there is no revenue – the player will not be exposed.
    • We take care of everything – from player creation and maintenance – to the demand side / video advertisements.
    • You decide where to place the new player – in-text or floating

Publisher Protection &
Intelligence Platform

The platform is the first solution to offer monitoring, filtering, intelligence, and auditing of suspicious ad creatives in real-time. This protection wizard includes all the needed benefits for publishers to improve their monetization while protecting themselves from unwanted ad behaviors.


  • Real-time ad filtering - Ensures malware-free and brand-safe ad delivery. The user experience is held to the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads.
  • In-depth and flexible reporting system - Complete with a real-time updated dashboard and a custom reports generating tool.
  • Demand-path analysis product - Based on real-time live data, enabling process optimization.
  • Demand problem investigation - Allows users to investigate problematic demand sources that cause bad ad behavior, such as latency, malicious ads and user experience issues.
  • Self-service supply and demand inventory management platform - Allows users to manage, optimize and target their entire ad operation from a single unified console.
  • Viewability control - Publishers can control KPI requirements for high viewability advertising, for selected demand partners.
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To protect HIRO’s users and ensure a positive video ad viewing experience, we have issued multiple innovative technology patents, replacing bad ads with peace of mind.    


HIRO's Positive DRM™ ensures that content can be distributed through ad supported media - and that hackers cannot rip ads out of the published video content. In this way, the positive DRM protects the revenue-generating part of the video - the ads and ensures that they are always up-to-date, viewer-personalized and embedded within the video.


HIRO’s ad filtering patent analyzes the ad’s creative behavior in real-time, ensuring that it complies with site guidelines. The identification of any suspicious behavior results in the immediate blocking of the adware, as well as placing a limit on the amount of ad calls permitted.


According to Nielson, when ad content is relevant to its users, it is capable of increasing their intention to buy by over 30%. That’s why, when it comes to advertising, no single factor is as important as the content environment your ad is placed in. HIRO’s content matching algorithm can analyze online content environments and match your ad to the most relevant content. This solution is also instrumental in HIRO’s work to ensure your ad does not appear in content that is not brand-safe.

Prediction-Based RTB

HIRO's patented prediction-based real-time bidding (RTB) technology facilitates one of the fastest prediction-based RTB processes on the market. With features like real-time big data and latency-based optimization, a unique cloud-based architecture and quick loading-time for video-players, HIRO's technology is maximizing ad opportunities unlike any other SSP.


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