HIRO provides advertisers with a suite of services that optimize video ad performance, viewability and profitability.

  • HIRO BCC -
    Brand Campaign Control

  • Mainly Millennials Media

  • Video Ad Distribution

Brand Campaign Control

With HIRO BCC – brands are granted unique, exclusive and unprecedented access to their programmatic video advertising activity, enabling better monitoring, transparency and control. HIRO’s unique solution for brands includes a full suite of brand campaign control tools and capabilities:
  • Advertising path – BCC provides an updated map of the brand’s ads chain, enabling optimized tracking of successful and less successful campaign results.
  • Comparison tool – Brands can compare the activities, successes and failures of DSPs and other players on the chain.
  • Advanced analytics – BCC enables brands to identify the metrics that most accurately correlation with ad performance, including CTR, clicks, CPM, viewability and more.
  • A friendly, customized dashboard – Brands and agencies are privy to a full and real-time updated database of any ongoing campaign’s activities.
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Mainly Millennials Media

Millennials are the greatest consumers of media, especially through digital channels like smartphones. The Millennial generation is therefore a huge and important segment that publishers and advertisers must understand if they wish to optimize their ad performance. That’s why HIRO has established a dedicated division that focuses on creating the best possible media packages that will engage with Millennials, as well as with their Generation Y and Z friends, relatives and followers – on any platform and on any device.

Video Ad Distribution

HIRO’s leading online video ecosystem helps advertisers, publishers and content owners create new media opportunities and high-quality video inventory. We programmatically convert the video distribution site's inventory into video units. The video ad is then embedded within targeted content and run on any prime inventory within ComScore's top 1000 destination sites. HIRO harnesses the power of our syndication technology and triangular prediction method to anticipate supply side inventory quality, demand side needs and viewer-ad compatibility. This enables us to run the most effective ad & content syndication campaigns.