Tel Aviv: HIRO Media, the Safe SSP, today announced the company has been granted the coveted “Certified Against Malware” designation by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). This distinction reaffirms HIRO’s ongoing commitment to combating malicious advertising and to provide transparency and control to its partners.

Completion of the TAG certification program demonstrates and validates HIRO’s commitment to brand safety, transparency and trustworthy advertising practices. Additionally, the certification validates HIRO’s recently-launched Safe SSP, which is the only publisher-centric solution that enables publishers to block malicious advertisements in real time. HIRO Media developed the Safe SSP in response to the growing demand to create a safer environment for all publishers and advertisers at scale.

“By achieving TAG’s certification, HIRO is going one step further to assure both publishers and advertisers that by partnering with HIRO their investments are actively protected against actors with malicious intent,” said Ariel Napchi, HIRO’s Founder and CEO. “Customer experience is our top priority, and we are committed to developing robust systems and processes to ensure that ads are delivered to brand-safe sites and that real consumers view each ad.”

“The TAG certification is an honor and a testament to the HIRO team who proactively and attentively work to maintain security and transparency standards in our technology so we can continue providing quality solutions for our customers,” Napchi continued.

The high bar and stringent requirements for advertising companies to acquire TAG certification are designed to protect advertisers, publishers, technology providers, and consumers from the fraudulent behaviors that cost the digital ad industry billions of dollars each year.

Originally Published in MARTECH ADVISOR