At HIRO, we deliver a wide range of advertising solutions for publishers. The crown jewel of our publisher services, ad optimization, is fully automated and highly intelligent, backed by HIRO’s proprietary machine learning algorithm. Other services include ad operation and business development with demand partners. Our services cater to Safe SSP customers.

  • Safe SSP

  • Publisher Protection &
    Intelligence Platform

Safe SSP

HIRO’s flagship product, Safe SSP is the ultimate publisher protection and monetization platform for video publishers. Based on a unique technology designed to meet publishers’ safety and user-experience needs, the Safe SSP answers one of the biggest concerns publishers have – how to balance monetization and a positive user experience. The platform enables predictable real-time bidding capabilities which increase monetization from your ad units. Other features include the ability to implement a secured VPAID-based collaboration, real-time ad filtering of potentially malicious ads and demand-side optimization & intelligence services.   For more information, please visit:

Publisher Protection &
Intelligence Platform

The platform is the first solution to offer monitoring, filtering, intelligence, and auditing of suspicious ad creatives in real-time. This protection wizard includes all the needed benefits for publishers to improve their monetization while protecting themselves from unwanted ad behaviors.


  • Real-time ad filtering - Ensures malware-free and brand-safe ad delivery. The user experience is held to the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads.
  • In-depth and flexible reporting system - Complete with a real-time updated dashboard and a custom reports generating tool.
  • Demand-path analysis product - Based on real-time live data, enabling process optimization.
  • Demand problem investigation - Allows users to investigate problematic demand sources that cause bad ad behavior, such as latency, malicious ads and user experience issues.
  • Self-service supply and demand inventory management platform - Allows users to manage, optimize and target their entire ad operation from a single unified console.
  • Viewability control - Publishers can control KPI requirements for high viewability advertising, for selected demand partners.
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