To protect HIRO’s users and ensure a positive video ad viewing experience, we have issued multiple innovative technology patents, replacing bad ads with peace of mind.    


HIRO's Positive DRM™ ensures that content can be distributed through ad supported media - and that hackers cannot rip ads out of the published video content. In this way, the positive DRM protects the revenue-generating part of the video - the ads and ensures that they are always up-to-date, viewer-personalized and embedded within the video.


HIRO’s ad filtering patent analyzes the ad’s creative behavior in real-time, ensuring that it complies with site guidelines. The identification of any suspicious behavior results in the immediate blocking of the adware, as well as placing a limit on the amount of ad calls permitted.


According to Nielson, when ad content is relevant to its users, it is capable of increasing their intention to buy by over 30%. That’s why, when it comes to advertising, no single factor is as important as the content environment your ad is placed in. HIRO’s content matching algorithm can analyze online content environments and match your ad to the most relevant content. This solution is also instrumental in HIRO’s work to ensure your ad does not appear in content that is not brand-safe.

Prediction-Based RTB

HIRO's patented prediction-based real-time bidding (RTB) technology facilitates one of the fastest prediction-based RTB processes on the market. With features like real-time big data and latency-based optimization, a unique cloud-based architecture and quick loading-time for video-players, HIRO's technology is maximizing ad opportunities unlike any other SSP.